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Suggests the best plan for the customer as a sales engineer.


The works of the sales staff is to visit customers as "Face" of NT Tool and perform technical consulting with the customer directly.Flexible ideas and the action skill are requested to assemble the business strategy, analyzing the state-of-the-art technology, the product, and market trends. As the system of company training and the training system is enhanced, the people whose major is liberal arts course without the knowledge of mechanical engineering to say nothing of the people whose major is science course can be taken an active part. "Business team (overseas operations)" that can make the best use of the language skill belongs to Sales Department, too.

Sales Department,Overseas Sales

Torch bearer of the world strategy of NT Tool, and develops a new needs.

NT Tool is an international corporate with base and factory in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Of course, the customer also reaches all over the world, and the expansion will be expected more and more in the future. As for the work of Overseas sales' business, the technology consulting is basic as well as the Domestic Sales. They perform the important duties such as foreign market trend analysis and a new market search as the world strategy team of NT Tool.

Technical Department, R&D

Pleasure that one's idea and intuition contribute to industrial world.

R&D team bears the development of new product of our original and technical service. Takes Staff's innovative idea positively in, and corresponds to the market trend that changes hour by hour. NT tool requires a creative person who has a forte that is more original than the knowledge of engineering and the electronics, etc. It is because of conception that nothing is more important than "Unconventional" to open up new needs.

Technical Department, Engineering

Bears basis of technical assistance, and the front of technical service.

NT Tool product reaches 45000 kinds of the standard product and as many as 250,000 kinds of special products. Each single product takes an active part in the factory which manufactures vehicles and aircrafts. A technology team responds with an adequate, prompt technical assistance to the comment and the inquiry sent by customers all over the world.

Production Engineering Department

Expart of engineering including construction and the labor saving of the production line

Production Engineering Department is in charge of everything concerning "Engineering", that is, efficiency improvement, saves labor of production process, new researches of processing and production method and designs and remodeling production facility. The manufacturing cost changes greatly by the quality of the efficiency of the production line, and is connected directly with the achievement of NT Tool. Therefore, to say nothing of wide knowledge to the processing technology, the analysis skill of the market trend, to grasp needs of the industrial world, and the flexible conception caught in power and common sense are requested.

Manufacturing Department

Each staff challenges a more advanced operation.

NT Tool original product has acquired high appraisal from domestic and foreign industrial world. The front line facilities are the headquarters factory in Aichi Prefecture, Iida factory in Nagano Prefecture and Thai factory. To challenge a more advanced operation, the staff studies the technology on business of every day. Their feature is organizing the team of each process, and to advance manufacturing and the quality control, etc. by an original management method. The purchase team that works for procurement and the production management of materials also belongs to Manufacturing Department.

Quality Assurance Department

Maintain and improve the

NT Tool as acquired the universal standard for the quality assurance, "ISO9001". It is a role of the Quality Assurance Department to support this severe quality control system, and to maintain and to improve "NT quality". Their works includes many fields, such as the product inspection, the management of the production facility, analysis of the complaint etc.

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