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Mar, 1926 Established Naito Tekkosho at Nagoya, Japan to produce automotive parts and wire-making machinery.
Dec, 1944 Opened Yoshihama Factory at Yoshihama, Takahama City, Aichi.
Dec, 1945 Incorporated Naito Tekkosho into Naito Koki Seisakusho, Ltd in akahama City, Aichi Production resumed.
Apr, 1951 Became an incorporated business, taking on the name Naito Koki Seisakusho, Ltd.
Jul, 1960 Headquarters relocated to newly constructed factory. Old factory restyled as Factory No. 2.
Apr, 1967 Started to produce Drill Jig Bushes to sell throughout Japan.
Apr, 1968 Was nominated as a model factory of well-organized labour administration among the medium and small companies.
Dec, 1968 Received commendation from Governor of Aichi Prefecture for excellence in industrial rationalization.
Dec, 1969 Received commendation from Ministry of Small and Medium Companies in Aichi Prefecture for excellence in industrial rationalization.
Oct, 1973 With guidance from Otto Bilz, our company began producing Quick Change Tapping Chucks and Drilling Chucks.
Jul, 1975 Chamfering Drill was released.
Apr, 1976 NT Tool Corporation was set up by separating Naito Koki Seisakusho, Ltd.
Sep, 1976 Taking an opportunity of making sales to USA, NT started to organize its own export sales network.
Nov, 1978 Started to sell End Mill Chucks and New Chamfering Tools Also, started sales to Taiwan, Singapore and Korea.
Mar,1979 Concluded a license agreement with Otto Bilz Wergzeugfabrik GmbH and Co, W Germany to exclusively produce and sell their toolings in Japan.
Aug, 1979 Head office and factory were newly built.
Jul, 1980 Fully computerized POS system was employed for sales and production management.
Dec, 1981 Stub Holder was released.
Dec,1982 Joined Japan Machine Accessory Association.
Dec, 1983 Opened Iida Factory at Iida City, Nagano, Japan.
Apr, 1985 Started to sell M/C tool holders in Apr, Hydraulic Chucks in Jul and Auto-depth control type Tapping Chucks in Sep.
Jul, 1985 Hydro Chuck was released.
Mar, 1987 CAD system was introduced in R&D and Engineering Department.
Jul, 1989 Entered into a license agreement with Wohlhaupter to exclusively produce and sell their products in Japan.
Apr, 1990 Concluded a license agreement with Wohlhaupter GmbH, Germany.
Aug, 1994 Started a mass production of 2-face contact HSK Tool Holders first in Japan's tool holder industry.
Sep,1994 Entered into an effective technical relation with Mapal, Germany.
Oct,1994 Opened Hiroshima Office.
Aug, 1996 Became first Japanese company to achieve ISO9001 (JQA No1372) certification, throughout all NT facilities and for all NT products (※Not including any imported or OEM products).
Sep,1996 NT's ISO9001 was registered by UL No A5090 (USA) and AFAQ No 00379681 (France).
Apr,1998 Opened Europe Branch Office at Aachen, Germany for technical service.
Oct, 1998 Head office was newly built.
Jan, 2000 R Zero Holder was released.
Jan, 2001 Two-face contact AHO for BT shanks was released.
Dec, 2001 A part-machining plant of the same scale as the Iida Factory was built in a high-tech industrial park in Thailand (local subsidiary NT Thailand).
Jan,2003 Europe Branch Office was relocated to Frankfurt Germany.
Apr,2003 Production was started in NT Thailand
NT USA Corporation was established as a local company.
Apr,2004 Opened China office in Shanghai.
Jun,2005 Achieved ISO 14001 (JQA NOEM4855) for all operations.
Oct.2006 Opened Thailand branch office in Bangkok.
May 2009 Thailand quenching factory was newly built.
Sep 2009 Interns from Germany were accepted.
Apr, 2011 A local subsidiary in Indonesia was established (PT NT Indonesia).
Sep, 2011 HSK・T Turning Tools were released.
Sep, 2012 Slim Hydro Chuck PHC・S was released.
Oct, 2012 Local subsidiary PT NT Indonesia office relocated.
Mar, 2014 Contactless Optical Tool Presetter AOTP was released.
Apr, 2014 Took over production of Kuroda Seiko, Ltd.s tool holders for specialized and CNC machining.
Aug, 2014 A factory was built in Indonesia.
Oct, 2014 A local subsidiary in Mexico was established (NT TOOL DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V.)
Oct, 2015 Contactless Optical Tool Presetter SOTP was released.
Apr, 2019 NT TOOL EUROPE GmbH was established as a local company.
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